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What do you want to learn?
  • access world wide news and publications
  • ​search for information effectively
  • explore travel destinations
  • basic & advanced email lessons 
  • ​view free videos & podcasts
  • ​view, edit, & share photos lessons
  • view, edit, & share videos 
  • ​explore travel destinations
  • online banking lessons
  • download government forms
  • software updates lessons
  • listen to audio books
  • online dating
  • "Understand The Cloud" lessons (Google, I-tunes, Amazon)
  • order groceries 
  • digital photography
  • find recipes
  • play games (solitaire, bridge)
  • organize files & folders lessons
  • scanning & printing lessons
  • antivirus/anti-malware lesssons
  • help with disabilities
  • ​find local events, government services
  • download government forms
  • explore E-bay & auctions lessons
  • Craigslist selling lessons
  • pay bills online
  • ​read newspapers & magazines
  • understand video streaming
Individual sessions tailored to your comfort level.  Small steps with huge results. Rapidly gain confidence. "Grow your computer knowledge. . . . . ." 
Learning Sessions - 60 minutes
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