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    Remote Service allows servicing of your computer over the internet.  This is very useful for a "quick look" - "quick fix"  or for routine maintenance. Remote Service is safe and secure. Remote Service allows you to view exactly what is being done as your computer is being serviced and therefore is also a good tool for learning. Your computer can be controlled by you or your technician.  The service is initiated by a password supplied by you. The password is good for that one session only.  You can terminate the session at any time. You can talk to your technician or exchange messages typed on your computer keyboard.
     This technology is used by IT departments in all major corporations and most businesses to increase efficiency and reduce costs in maintaining their computers. It is offered by computer manufacturers and Big Box retailers on a "pay by the minute" or "contract" basis. 
     With St Cloud TECHhELPER you can take advantage of the same technology at reduced affordable rates provided by someone you know right in your own backyard.

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