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  • Desktop computer(s)
  • Laptop(s)
  • Tablet(s)
  • Smart phone(s)
  • Printer(s)
  • Streaming devices (Roku, Western Digital, X-Box, PS3/4,etc)
  • ​Smart TV(s)
  • Router(s)
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"peace of mind knowing you got it all together"
Networked devices: computers, router, printer, game console

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You can get it all together!  Everyone and every device sharing the internet, pictures, movies, and more.  Each device set with the appropriate permissions for its' user.  Wired connections, wireless connections or a combination.  Avoid the confusion and clutter.  Let me get all your devices hooked up and networked the way you want them.  Insure you are getting the most efficient use out of your internet while properly protecting your privacy.  Setting up a router can be tricky and if  not done correctly can leave your devices open to security vulnerabilities.  Making sure your wireless devices are operating on the proper frequencies avoids "overcrowding" and sluggishness. Call me today to discuss your situation and see how  St CloudTECHhELPER can help you "get it all together" and save you time and money.
Here is a short video with some good information on wireless networking.
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