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​      Consider Backing Up

  • Lost files due to error, hard drive failure or virus?  Safeguarding your favorite pictures, your music,  and your documents is important.
  •  A lot of us never really think about back up until damage is already done.

  • Sometimes, even without backup, data can be recovered (usually at considerable expense).
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"Save money and save your files.  Call today and have your files backed up properly"
Keep Your Data Backed up

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Cartoon panel 1:  on the phone "my hard drive crashed!"  Answer: "Did you back up?"
Cartoon panel 2 "Why is it gonna blow?
Windows VISTA, WIN7 and WIN8 have a backup protocol included. If you are comfortable doing so, you can (and should) set it up yourself. XP requires 3rd party software to provide a suitable backup solution.

Have your computer properly set up to back up your files.*

Everyone should have the data on their computer backed up
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St Cloud Techhelper
St Cloud Techhelper
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"Penly adds that one of the best things you can do for your computer is backing it up properly."  WJON news 2/10/2014

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Let me help you find your best backup solution:
  • back up to your existing hard drive
  • back up to a variety of Cloud options
  • back up to an external hard drive 
  •  and more . . . . 
Once your files are being properly backed up you have peace of mind knowing all your data is safe.  You can recover individual files that may have accidentally been deleted or corrupted by a virus. You can recover all your files including your operating system should a catastrophic event such as hard drive failure, computer failure, fire, electrical surge or water damage​ occur.  I will help you determine the back up plan that suits your situation best and your data will be protected.
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